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Darth Vader goes to Casey's for Pizza - In the Bloopers and Extras Playlist


Welcome to Darth Vader Sucks.

It all started on July 25th, 2008. Our first episode "Darth Vader Sucks at Halo 3" has over 30,000 views!

Not only does Darth Suck various video games, but he also sucks at ordering a pizza, and dancing too!

Click on the Videos page to watch the Darth Vader Sucks episodes. Also on the videos page you will find all the bloopers, extras, dance videos, and more.

On the Downloads page you will find an .mp3 download of the catchy theme song used in the videos. Also you will find some wallpapers for your computer. The downloads page is part of the adammark2009.com site.

The About page will give you more info about the videos, who created them, how we did it, and everything you could possibly want to know.

The adammark2009 Shop has some Darth apparel for you to purchase, as well as some adammark2009 designs.

Thanks for watching!