“Darth Vader Sucks” was created on July 25th, 2008 with “Darth Vader Sucks at Halo 3“. This video was a parody on Digital Ph33r’s widely viewed “Master Chief sucks at Halo”. The idea came from the combination of Travis trying to play Halo with Darth Vader’s helmet on, the in-ability to see, and my recent discovery of Digital Ph33r’s videos.

Our first episode took off so fast, and along with the comments, that we decided to make it a series and make more videos. “Darth Vader Sucks at GTA 4” was created and released July 28th, 2008, only 3 days after our first episode.

Each episode stars Adam Mark as Darth Vader, while Travis Mills aka Tdawg2009 as the voice of Vader. Filming is done by both Adam and Travis. Editing by Adam. There have been several guest stars, each indicated in each episodes credits.

As time has gone on, we have gotten the game down. Better camera, better editing, better videos. Although we haven’t made as many “DVSucks” episodes as we would like, we just have not had the time, although we do still plan to do more in the future.

The Suit

The Darth Vader suit is very very very hot. That's why it appears that I am wore out. The dance videos were the hardest.

The suit is actually an officially licenced product. If your interested in purchasing one, search online for "Darth Vader Supreme Edition Costume". With a little bit of the Force, you may find one.