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On Feb 29th, 2008, adammark2009 was created. Starting out as a YouTube account for Adam, adammark2009 became an output of creativity for Adam.

It was not until July 25th, 2008 that Adam had his first hit. “Darth Vader sucks at Halo 3″ a parody comedy skyrocketed with in the first week. With the help of co-star tdawg2009, “Darth Vader Sucks” launched and a number of fans were created. To date, “Darth Vader sucks at Halo 3″ is still Adam’s most viewed video, with currently over 30,000 views. Adam makes other videos in addition to “Darth Vader Sucks”, such as music parodys, music originals, vlogs, and short comedy videos.

With increasing popularity, Adam decided to expand. On Dec. 22nd, 2008, Adam launched his adammark2009 blogtv channel. BlogTV is a website where you can host a chatroom and broadcast a liveshow using your webcam. During the broadcasts, Adam has been known to answer questions, and play piano, including taking requests. He has also made a number of friends and fans on the site.

With a number of followers on YouTube, and now BlogTV, Adam decided to expand again. On September 15th, 2009, he launched his website adammark2009.com. At first, it was a tool to tie everything together. He also added his Facebook fanpage and Twitter to the site, along with his YouTube and BlogTV links. Originally it was a static page that received few updates, but currently you can do everything from watch the latest YouTube video, to download free wallpaper.

About Adam

XBLI was born and raised in Iowa, and to this day I still live there. In 2009, I graduated from Osage High School. I also attended NIACC. I went to college for Web Design and Graphic Communication.

Hobbies / Interests:

I have a 1971 Honda CB175 Motorcycle , and also a 1971 Honda CL175. I have taken the CB175 to Sturgis Bike Week twice. I currently ride a 2007 Harley-Davidson Sportster.

I love to mess around on the computer. Making videos, editing my website, and more.

I am a big Star Wars fan. I own a supreme edition Darth Vader costume, and Star Wars has always been in my life ever since the re-realeses in the ’90s. My favorite is “The Empire Strikes Back“.


Currently I own an Xbox One. My gamertag on XBL is “adammark2009” so send me a friend request.


I love Classic Rock, and some modern music, like techno.

I love to play the piano, and saxophone. I even play the piano during mass at my church.